The Best Place in Eureka to Sell Your Gold & Silver!

Compramos Oro y Plata
Many places buy gold and silver today, from those on advertising on TV, to antique stores, mall kiosks, traveling road shows and gold parties.  What makes Humboldt Bay Trade & Pawn the best place in Eureka to sell your gold?

1.  We pay you more.  We pay substantially more than the "cash-4-gold" companies and traveling road shows that advertise so heavily.  We know because we shop them!  Why should you get less money to help them pay for those expensive ads?

2.  We have the most accurate scales, tested and certified by the Humboldt County Division of Weights and Measures.  With gold at today's prices, an error of just 1/2 gram can make a real difference, and unless scales are certified how do you know you are getting honest weight for your gold?

3.  Humboldt Bay Trade & Pawn is fully licensed and complies with all provisions of the California Business and Professions Code.  Many gold buyers are unlicensed and keep no record of their transactions, which means they are operating illegally.

4.  You have the confidence of trading with people who live in our community, and we work hard to earn your trust and repeat business. 

So if you have some gold or silver jewelry, coins or bullion that you want to convert to cash, come to Humboldt Bay Trade & Pawn and let us make you an offer.  You may be surprised how much it's worth!